Here at RR Designs we are committed to continuously improving our environmental impact in any way we can and strive to be as transparent as possible, allowing you to make informed choices.

As much as possible we reuse or recycle all packaging and materials received throughout our business and use a holistic approach to a products life cycle, doing what we can to close the loop.

Sterling silver jewellery is designed to be durable and last a lifetime, but it can be melted down. So any scraps, off cuts from the making process or unwanted jewellery can be made into something new, meaning nothing ever goes to waste.

We are doing our best to make sure all materials, processes and packaging are as kind to the environment as possible and in the process of switching to eco sterling silver where possible. Eco silver is 100% recycled, traceable and audited and has the exact same qualities as normal silver providing the perfect ethically made option. We do not use any chemicals in our making process and only use a safety pickle made from 100% non-toxic, food grade materials. We are also reducing paper use where possible and only send out digital invoices and catalogues.

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