Jewellery Care

With a little love and care your jewellery can last a lifetime. So here are a few handy tips to help you along the way!

  • When not being worn jewellery should be kept in separate air tight containers or bags. This prevents them from scratching each other.
  • Remove your jewellery before showering or swimming.
  • Keep your jewellery from coming into contact with lotions or perfumes. Ideally leaving your jewellery till last when getting ready.
  • All jewellery will benefit from a quick clean every now and again. Clean in warm soapy water and use an old soft toothbrush to get into any hard to reach areas if needed. Gently rinse and leave to air dry.
  • Gently buffing with a polishing cloth will also bring your jewellery back up to a nice shine. Be careful with silver with a matt finish as this will eventually shine your jewellery up to a polished finish.

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